Best 5e Spells for D&D 5th Edition of June 2020

This online application will allow you to list and filter all the D&D 5e Spells with several options. you’ll be also able to sort the list as you would like. Within the end, you’ll get the choice to pick just some results to get our own PDF (spellbook) or to print cards on Magic format.

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A spell may be a discrete magical effect, one shaping of the magical energies that suffuse the multiverse into a particular, limited expression. In Casting a Spell, a character carefully plucks at the Invisible strands of Raw Magic suffusing the globe, pins them in place during a particular pattern, sets them vibrating during a specific way, then releases them to unleash the required effect—in most cases, all in the span of seconds.

5e Spells (5th Edition)

NameLevelSchoolCasting timeRitualConcentration
Abi-Dalzim’s Horrid Wilting8Necromancy1 ActionNoNo
Absorb Elements1AbjurationSpecialNoNo
Acid Splash0Conjuration1 ActionNoNo
Aganazzar’s Scorcher2Evocation1 ActionNoNo
Aid2Abjuration1 ActionNoNo
Alarm (Ritual)1Abjuration1 MinuteYesNo
Alter Self2Transmutation1 ActionNoYes
Animal Friendship1Enchantment1 ActionNoNo
Animal Messenger (Ritual)2Enchantment1 ActionYesNo
Animal Shapes8Transmutation1 ActionNoYes
Animate Dead3Necromancy1 MinuteNoNo
Animate Objects5Transmutation1 ActionNoYes
Antilife Shell5Abjuration1 ActionNoYes
Antimagic Field8Abjuration1 ActionNoYes
Antipathy/Sympathy8Enchantment1 HourNoNo
Arcane Eye4Divination1 ActionNoYes
Arcane Gate6Conjuration1 ActionNoYes
Arcane Lock2Abjuration1 ActionNoNo
sArmor of agathys1Abjuration1 ActionNoNo
Arms of Hadar1Conjuration1 ActionNoNo
Astral Projection9Necromancy1 HourNoNo
Augury (Ritual)2Divination1 MinuteYesNo
Aura of Life4Abjuration1 ActionNoYes
Aura of Purity4Abjuration1 ActionNoYes
Aura of Vitality3Evocation1 ActionNoYes
Awaken5Transmutation8 HoursNoNo
Bane1Enchantment1 ActionNoYes
Banishing Smite5Abjuration1 Bonus ActionNoYes
Banishment4Abjuration1 ActionNoYes
Barkskin2Transmutation1 ActionNoYes
Beacon of Hope3Abjuration1 ActionNoYes
Beast Bond1Divination1 ActionNoYes
Beast Sense (Ritual2Divination1 ActionYesYes
Bestow Curse3Necromancy1 ActionNoYes
Bigby’s Hand5Evocation1 ActionNoYes
Blade Barrier6Evocation1 ActionNoYes
Blade Ward0Abjuration1 ActionNoNo
Bless1Enchantment1 ActionNoYes
Blight4Necromancy1 ActionNoNo
Blinding Smite3Evocation1 Bonus ActionNoYes
Blindness/Deafness2Necromancy1 ActionNoNo
Blink3Transmutation1 ActionNoNo
Blur2Illusion1 ActionNoYes
Bones of the Earth6Transmutation1 ActionNoNo
Booming Blade0Evocation1 ActionNoNo
Branding Smite2Evocation1 Bonus ActionNoYes
Burning Hand1Evocation1 ActionNoNo
Call Lightning(3Conjuration1 ActionNoYes
Calm Emotions2Enchantment1 ActionNoYes
Catapult1Transmutation1 ActionNoNo
Catnap3Enchantment1 ActionNoNo
Cause Fear1Necromancy1 ActionNoYes
Ceremony (Ritual)1Abjuration1 HourYesNo
Chain Lightning6Evocation1 ActionNoNo
Chaos Bolt1Evocation1 ActionNoNo
Charm Monster4Enchantment1 ActionNoNo
Charm Person1Enchantment1 ActionNoNo
Chill Touch0Necromancy1 ActionNoNo
Chromatic Orb1Evocation1 ActionNoNo
Circle of Death6Necromancy1 ActionNoNo
Circle of Power5Abjuration1 ActionNoYes
Clairvoyance3Divination10 MinutesNoYes
Clone8Necromancy1 HourNoNo
Cloud of Daggers2Conjuration1 ActionNoYes
Cloudkill5Conjuration1 ActionNoYes
Color Spray1Illusion1 ActionNoNo
Command1Enchantment1 ActionNoNo
Commune (Ritual)5Divination1 MinuteYesNo
Commune with Nature (Ritual)5Divination1 MinuteYesNo
Compelled Duel1Enchantment1 Bonus ActionNoYes
Comprehend Languages (Ritual)1Divination1 ActionYesNo
Compulsion4Enchantment1 ActionNoYes
Cone of Cold5Evocation1 ActionNoNo
Confusion4Enchantment1 ActionNoYes
Conjure Animals3Conjuration1 ActionNoYes
Conjure Barrage3Conjuration1 ActionNoNo
Conjure Celestial7Conjuration1 MinuteNoYes
Conjure Elemental5Conjuration1 MinuteNoYes
Conjure Fey6Conjuration1 MinuteNoYes
Conjure Minor Elementals4Conjuration1 MinuteNoYes
Conjure Volley5Conjuration1 ActionNoNo
Conjure Woodland Beings4Conjuration1 ActionNoYes
Contact Other Plane (Ritual)5Divination1 MinuteYesNo
Contagion5Necromancy1 ActionNoNo
Contingency6Evocation10 MinutesNoNo
Continual Flame2Evocation1 ActionNoNo
Control Flames0Transmutation1 ActionNoNo
Control Water4Transmutation1 ActionNoYes
Control Weather8Transmutation10 MinutesNoYes
Control Winds5Transmutation1 ActionNoYes
Cordon of Arrows2Transmutation1 ActionNoNo
Create Bonfire0Conjuration1 ActionNoYes
Create Food and Water3Conjuration1 ActionNoNo
Create Homunculus6Transmutation1 HourNoNo
Create or Destroy Water1Transmutation1 ActionNoNo
Create Undead6Necromancy1 MinuteNoNo
Creation5Illusion1 MinuteNoNo
Crown of Madness2Enchantment1 ActionNoYes
Crown of Stars(Open in new window)7Evocation1 ActionNoNo
Crusader’s Mantle(Open in new window)3Evocation1 ActionNoYes
Cure Wounds(Open in new window)1Evocation1 ActionNoNo
Dancing Lights(Open in new window)0Evocation1 ActionNoYes
Danse Macabre(Open in new window)5Necromancy1 ActionNoYes
Darkness(Open in new window)2Evocation1 ActionNoYes
Darkvision(Open in new window)2Transmutation1 ActionNoNo
Dawn(Open in new window)5Evocation1 ActionNoYes

Spells are often versatile tools, weapons, or protective wards. They will deal with damage or undo it, impose or remove Conditions, drain life energy away, and restore life to the dead.

Uncounted thousands of spells are created over the course of the multiverse’s history, and lots of them are long forgotten. Some might yet lie recorded in crumbling spellbooks hidden in ancient ruins or trapped within the minds of dead gods. Or they may someday be reinvented by a personality who has amassed enough power and wisdom to try and do so.

Every spell includes a level from 0 to 9. A spell’s level may be a general indicator of how powerful it’s, with the lowly (but still impressive) Magic Missile at 1st Level and therefore the earth-shaking wish on 9th. Cantrips—simple but powerful spells that characters can cast almost by rote—are level 0. the higher a spell’s level, the higher level a spellcaster must be to use that spell.

Spell Level and character level don’t correspond directly. Typically, a character has got to be a minimum of 17th level, not 9th level, to cast a 9th–level spell.

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Before a spellcaster can use a spell, he or she must have the spell firmly fixed in mind or must have access to the spell during a magic item. Members of some classes, including bards and sorcerers, have a limited list of spells they know that are always fixed in mind. a similar thing is true of the many magic-using monsters. Other spellcasters, like clerics and wizards, undergo a process of preparing spells. This process varies for various classes, as detailed in their descriptions.

Regardless of what number Spells a caster knows or prepares, he or she will be able to cast only a limited number of spells before Resting. Manipulating the material of magic and channeling its energy into even an easy spell is physically and mentally taxing, and higher-level spells are even more so. Thus, each spellcasting class’s description (except that of the warlock) includes a table showing what number Spell Slots of every Spell Level a character can use at each character level. for instance, the 3rd–level Wizard Umara has four 1st–level Spell Slots and two 2nd–level slots.

When a spellcaster casts a spell using a slot that’s of a better level than the spell, the spell assumes the higher level for that casting. For example, if Umara casts Magic Missile using one among her 2nd–level slots, that Magic Missile is 2nd Level. Effectively, the spell expands to fill the slot it’s put into.

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